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Residency Pinnacle Heights View Plan...

This is a project very close to our hearts. It was a penthouse done 15 years ago and the client wanted to revamp their home into a luxurious abode. It was a very exciting journey right from the beginning for the entire team. It challenged our thought process as we had to design the house around the existing furniture that the client wanted to retain. We decided to have a lot of mirror elements in the entire house to bring in luxury. Right in the foyer area we've used bevelled mirror panelling to give an impression of a larger entrance. We concealed an entire column in the middle of the living room with large mirror panels. Also, making it a partition between the living and the dining. We designed a very interesting ceiling throughout the space using veneer and mirror elements. As we advance to the bedrooms, the full height headboards ensure a very restful space while bringing in the opulence at the same time. We re-did the wardrobe shutters in all the bedrooms with duco paint and metal inlay which uplifted the entire space. Proceeding to our favourite part of this entire project, we were thrilled to create a beautiful bar and lounge on the terrace to relax and unwind towards the end of the day. The soothing sound from the fountain and Lord Buddha's idol under the sky, makes one truly forget all distress.

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