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Nikoo Homes View Plan...

Presenting to you a journey of creating a house into a home. This flat is located in ...... Right from the beginning, we were on the same page with the clients. We wanted to create something simple yet stunning at the same time. The idea was to create a space with timeless charm with a unique touch that could keep adding over the years. Aesthetically the place is designed by displaying an array of materials with playful textures and golden inlays bought together with grace. We made sure that the living room was a place filled with lots of light and freshness. The colours in the kitchen and the dining room were borrowed from the living room to make one cohesive space. The bedrooms have a tinge of grey, beige and sparkles of brown tinted mirror. Not to miss out on the passage, we were very mindful of creating a beautiful ceiling, to reflect on ever so charming family pictures, ensuring each zone has a character of its own and yet blends in with ease to form a bigger picture. The entire home reflects the style of design with use of bold, intricate textures along with the cozy furniture.

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